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Speedway GM Engine Wiring Harness, 1999-02 LS1

Save the wire going to the voltage regulator with the fused link (dont cut IT out) you can use IT if you are this method is 100% correct and is basically the same idea as the diagram you often see with the 2 jumper wires connected to the plug for the voltage regulator.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. ENGINE HARNESS FOR GM 1.6L GAS (Petrol) Tier 3. Related Content for Nilfisk-Advance SR 1900. Captor 4300 Engine Wiring Harness Detail.

We re-wire your factory engine wiring harness to allow you to install the factory computer and engine wiring harness in your project vehicle. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions so you can see what can do for your next project. Don't let an expensive aftermarket engine

Custom Engine Wiring Harnesses. Scroll left and right to see more information. Postal Code. Tweak'd Performance. custom wiring harnesses for GM LSx, LS1, LS2, Toyota 1JZ, 2JZ, 1UZ, every variation of VVTi and non-VVTi, dual ECU, CAN BUS solutions.

Over time wiring harnesses corrode and break which can cause total engine failure. If you have a broken harness or perhaps suffered an electrical fire A: Your vehicle has lots of wires in the engine bay and under the dash board. These wires are crucial for controlling the functions of your motor

The process for other GM engine harnesses is similar. Our lead image may look intimidating, but that's actually the entire harness from our donor Tahoe. We took just the engine harness portion and started by stripping away much of the split-loom tubing and tape that covered the harness wires.