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Making them at the proper place is a little. All switches are not wired the same way. Vent Fan Light Wiring Wiring Diagrams Best A

Bathroom Fan/Light diagrams. Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Biggus Dickus, Oct 13, 2007. Biggus Dickus New Member. Has anyone got any links of wiring diagrams for wiring in bathroom fan/lights? Thanks.

I need to know If anyone Has a Easy to read Diagram to install New wiring for a new Exhaust fan, and a seperate Light, both with there own switches. at doorway of bathroom(You Know a Duel Light switch at Doorway) One will turn on a

Electrical Wiring for a Bathroom Light and Exhaust Fan Electrical Question: I have a two switches and I'm trying to setup up the bathroom so the lights and A separate cable will need to be installed from the wall switch box to the junction location where the wiring is located for the exhaust fan and the light.

i turn bathroom light on or is this against the law, if so what is best way and what type of fan should i use, there is no other electric wires in my bathroom other than light that i think i could Yes you can have a fan connected to your light fitting. However, it is obvious that you are not an electrician, so get

Wire nut either one to the hot wire coming in and the other to the black wire of the fixture. There are two ways of wiring a light to a switch. One is to bring the hot and neutral wire to the switch box and from there run wires from the switch to You should have gotten a wiring diagram with your switch.