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By switching these wires, you change internal wiring for the run windings and the start windings from a parallel hook up for 115 volts to a series hook up for 230 volts. If you cannot, a Century AC motor wiring diagram for 115 or 230 volts can be found online.

You can always find wiring diagrams on the net. Good luck, and be safe when playing with power. From contributor J: Most of the time you will not have any problem running a 230 motor on 208. Do keep in mind that during the summer months, our voltage sometimes drops down to 194-198 volts

The Key to Wiring a 230 Volt Welder is the Specified Receptacle. Most 230 volt welders come with a cord and receptacle. The receptacle and cord are rated for a specified amperage rating and this should be the size of the electrical circuit, which should be indicated in the owners manual.

I am wiring a 480 volt motor. I have a 277/480 volt panel. On the motor there is a low voltage wiring and a high voltage wiring. I want to use it on 230 volts. The diagram that shows connection for 115 or 230 is missing. The motor specs are: Model 5KC43MG40FX 3/4 … read more.

The wiring diagram should be on the motor electrical box cover. If not Google the manufactures name of the motor and usually the website has the wiring Many motors have an access plate where the power feeds into the motor. Removing that plate often reveals a wiring diagram that shows how to

The diagram shows (for 230 volt operation) T2 and T3 connected together (and insulated from everything else). There is a wiring diagram on the motor but I cant make sense of it. There are four wires coming out of the motor labeled T1, T2, T3 and T4.