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“The desire to get married is a basic and primal instinct in women.
It’s followed by another basic and primal instinct:
the desire to be single again.” Nora Ephron

What I Wish My Mother KnewThoughts On Being ThereModern ParentingWalking Away From A MarraigeThe Stuff We’re Made OfDream WeaversThe Postman Always Rings TwiceShredding My Life Away…If The Shoe FitsWhat To Get Your Ex for X-MasFinding Myself At SeaThe Knee Bone’s Connected to the Head BoneBrutally Honest AvenueThe End of the AffairScars of the PastShades of GrayA Resounding Thank YouRemembering Is Easy – Forgetting Is HardUnconditional LoveWhen Love Has No WitnessModern Manners(Ex) Friends & LoversA Fish Out of WaterSexting While Driving:  What Not to Text to Your ExTrading SpacesMy Mother’s Wedding DressThe Ex-ExpertStepping OutAfter Ever After50 Going on 15Wardrobe Essentials When DownsizingHave You Cheated on Your Spouse?What Not To Say on a First DateDating After Divorce: Blind Dates & Set Ups by Well-Intentioned Married FriendsA Friend of Mine…On Time ArrivalsThe Stuff of Urban LegendMaking SpaceWhen Life Gives You Lemons, Go Shopping…Interior RulesThe Time Is NowSaying I Love You Is LazyToo Much Information…Are You My Mother?Rent to OwnMy Mother My SelfIs This Why Divorce Happens?The GreatnessGossip GirlsThe Thing About Cheating Is…The Tip of the Emotional IcebergSitting In The Driver’s SeatStaying In TouchOne In The BedA Penny For Your ThoughtsHow To Order Off A Complicated Wine ListAfter 35 Years of Marriage50 Shades of SomethingA Rose By Any Other Name…I Take No Pleasure In Cleaning The RefrigeratorLovelessnessOn Not Becoming My MotherWelcome to Life After Married…In Defense of PradaI Can See Through Your ShirtHow To Date Two People At Once
What I Wish My Mother Knew
Thoughts On Being There
Modern Parenting
Walking Away From A Marraige
The Stuff We’re Made Of
Dream Weavers
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Shredding My Life Away…
If The Shoe Fits
What To Get Your Ex for X-Mas
Finding Myself At Sea
The Knee Bone’s Connected to the Head Bone
Brutally Honest Avenue
The End of the Affair
Scars of the Past
Shades of Gray
A Resounding Thank You
Remembering Is Easy – Forgetting Is Hard
Unconditional Love
When Love Has No Witness
Modern Manners
(Ex) Friends & Lovers
A Fish Out of Water
Sexting While Driving: What Not to Text to Your Ex
Trading Spaces
My Mother’s Wedding Dress
The Ex-Expert
Stepping Out
After Ever After
50 Going on 15
Wardrobe Essentials When Downsizing
Have You Cheated on Your Spouse?
What Not To Say on a First Date
Dating After Divorce: Blind Dates & Set Ups by Well-Intentioned Married Friends
A Friend of Mine…
On Time Arrivals
The Stuff of Urban Legend
Making Space
When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Shopping…
Interior Rules
The Time Is Now
Saying I Love You Is Lazy
Too Much Information…
Are You My Mother?
Rent to Own
My Mother My Self
Is This Why Divorce Happens?
The Greatness
Gossip Girls
The Thing About Cheating Is…
The Tip of the Emotional Iceberg
Sitting In The Driver’s Seat
Staying In Touch
One In The Bed
A Penny For Your Thoughts
How To Order Off A Complicated Wine List
After 35 Years of Marriage
50 Shades of Something
A Rose By Any Other Name…
I Take No Pleasure In Cleaning The Refrigerator
On Not Becoming My Mother
Welcome to Life After Married…
In Defense of Prada
I Can See Through Your Shirt
How To Date Two People At Once

Portrait of Marie-Therese Walter, Pablo Picasso

What I Wish My Mother Knew

My mother, a walking dictionary of clichés and witticisms, frequently said: “You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your relatives.”  At one point on my spiritual journey a Shaman said to me “Each child in spirit forms chooses its parents before birth so that s/he may learn the next life lesson on the [&hellip

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Thoughts On Being There

A friend of mine, who happens to be in the weeds of an ugly divorce, said to me the other day “…you’ve really been there for me while all this is happening, and I appreciate it.” I thought about what it means “to be there” for someone.  When I was going through my divorce I [&hellip

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John Singer Sargent's Daughters of Edward Darley Boit

Modern Parenting

A couple of Saturday nights ago I was lured to the kitchen around midnight by the smell of fresh pizza.  My teenagers had just arrived home from their social activities and were in the kitchen with a few of their friends having a late night snack.  I pulled up a chair, grabbed a slice and [&hellip

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